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February 01 2018

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Look at my children :3



today i learned that, when Jared Leto sent Margot Robbie a live rat as a part of his rude, bullshit “method acting” fo Suicide Squad, she was scared but still refused to abandon or harm the rat.

she overcame her initial fear in order to buy him a proper set up and take care of him until she found the rat a reliable owner, who… ended up being Guillermo del Toro for some reason?

so yeah that’s what happened with the Suicide Squad rat

I mean, I’D trust Guillermo del Toro with a rat.



what catfood commercials make feeding your cat look like: *person comes into the kitchen with a smile* *cat licks its lips* *cat snuggles up to their leg softly while purring*

what feeding your cat is actually like: *cat emits loud shrieking meow in anticipation* *you nearly have a deadly accident because your cat excitedly runs between your legs as you walk to the bowl*

see also: *cat puts its head in front of the bowl just as you plop the food out, so it lands on their head*


Not to be a dick but I 100% do not trust people who genuinely think cats are evil. I mean it’s one thing if you have some superstitious beliefs or a bone-deep phobia that makes you biased, but if you’re the sort of person who can’t slow down and think to yourself ‘is this creature mean and cruel and stupid or am I reading the signs wrong’ then you and I are not going to click


*wants body to look a certain way*
*eats 3 cookies, mac n cheese, kitchen sink, and small neighbor child*

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Best dressed kids in the whole Galaxy (like their mom)!
In my opinion Valentino is ideal for young space royalty :^)


what she says: I’m fine

what she means: of all the fucking force ghosts you could have chosen, they chose YODA? are you fucking KIDDING ME? what were they thinking? for the context of the scene, you mean to tell me yoda, the most traditional jedi in the entire order, was the voice of reason? @ rian johnson, HAVE YOU EVER EVEN SEEN STAR WARS? do you know what JOY anakin would have gotten from burning the temple down? or even obi wan? are you SERIOUS? you passed up the mother of all opportunities, how can you fuck up so severely? I mean Hayden Christensen would have been eager to join, and we ALL know DAMN WELL that ewan mcgregor would have shown up in a split second to play obi wan again. I doubt he would have even required that much of a paycheck, he just genuinely loves Star Wars. there’s no excuse, it was the most pointless addition to the movie, what the actual fuck.



I built a nap hole in my closet which is great and has no downside until someone comes into my room looking for me and I have to crawl out of my closet which is frankly impossible to do with dignity and without looking like a sleepy Gollum hissing “what does it wants who wakes us up”

I see no downsides to this

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I just love the twitter exchange between these two! 

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Pics that make you go hmm ha hm hm hm ha hmm hm ha hm hm hm ha

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People say that Anders did the right thing blowing up the Chantry because Meredith had already asked for the Right of Annulment. But he still killed hundreds of innocent people, and kick started the deaths of most of Kirkwall’s mages and an unknown number of civilians.
While his actions are understandable, he wasn’t in the right. Had he targeted the Gallows or the Templar Hall it may have been different. But he waged war on innocents, not on the perpetrators of violence.

Hi, please consider in the future not tagging your critical things in the main tag, and instead using ‘anti anders’ or ‘anders critical’ etc out of common courtesy. Also people actually looking for negative things about Anders will go there. Not his main tag. Again, because common courtesy.

I can only assume you want a debate, having shared this in the main tag.

1. People say that because it’s true. By the beginning of Act 3, there is ambient dialogue that says Meredith has sent for the Right.


2. Anders is not responsible for the actions of the templars. He did not take their sword arms and make them kill a shit ton of people. They were under no magical influence. Their reactions are their own, and they had no reason to kill a ton of people completely unrelated to what happen. The deaths of countless mages and civillians is on the templars’ heads. Not Anders.

3. What… What hundreds? Or are you going by DA:I’s retcon in order to make things seem much more drastic than what they actually were? Because you can watch that scene over and over and count maybe ten deaths, if you leave room for a few off screen.


There’s Elthina, four templars, and I think some random sister. That’s all we see.

And because we are never given any actual numbers until DA:I (which is pretty shitty and unreliable writing, considering it in completion with all of DA:I’s ulterior motive for a forced grey morality narration in a situation that is not at all grey) the best evidence is what we see. Which is not much.

Or perhaps you are taking account of falling debris from the Chantry. Which would make sense, except if you watch the scene, you see that the debris is sucked upwards, then expelled outwards. Not down.


It’s fair to assume that at the ground level, some of Hightown did get hit. I don’t have a whole lot of sympathy there because Hightown is just a bunch of nobles who as we’ve seen are corrupt as fuck.

So yes. Anders killed people. That is not in debate. What is up for debate is the number, and he definitely did not wipe out all of Kirkwall like the writers later make it seem.
Anders has not killed any more people than the average protagonist LBR.

4. Why would he target the Gallows or Templar Hall, where there are tons and tons of mages, the very people he wants to fight for? It makes perfect sense for him to target the Chantry, as they are the ones ultimately in charge. It is the Chantry that controls the Circles through the templars. The Chantry are perpetrators of violence. And there is nothing “innocent” about the Chantry.

5. On a final note, I think it’s important that this quest is very rightfully called The Last Straw. Anders tried a number of peaceful methods to change things first, none of which were taken seriously and had any impact. No one would even listen to him. And so he did this, fully ready for the consequences, because there was nothing else he had left to do.

Anders was right.

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tbh I would join immediately





Mattel: Barbie has had numerous careers over the years

Me: but not…. Assassin

barbies definitely been an asassin. she just doesnt tell people so she can keep her friends safe

what kind of profession allows and demand the changing to multiple careers?

barbie have always been an assassin, all other jobs were just cover and disguises 

Y'all are right. It explains why Jem and Bratz are dead.

January 30 2018


I bet before Carlos moved to Night Vale he used to regularly reinvent really useless household appliances all the time.

Like ‘Hey check this out it looks like a regular umbrella but it’s also COMPLETELY FIREPROOF’

and everyone would be like ‘Carlos why the hell would anyone NEED a fireproof umbrella if it’s already raining seriously stick to science’

but in Night Vale everyones like ‘Aw man this is PERFECT for when it starts raining fire/gasoline/literal death’ and Carlos is just like ‘My time has come’

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honestly fuck viruses they’re not even alive they’re just strands of punk ass DNA that go around fucking up us normal and god fearing life forms you don’t even have a nucleus you stupid bacteriophage looking horizontally transmitting RNA clump

10/10 pic usage



What I say: Reylo is disgusting, unecessary and wrong. Why would anyone support this??

What I mean: Kylo Ren hunted, tortured and nearly killed Rey and her friends. The idea that the main female character in this series is supposed to bounce back from that and desire Kylo because he’s sympathetic and needs redemption is ludicrous to me. Kylo Ren may very well get redemption thats fine, but it should not rest on the shoulders of an extremely unhealthy romantic relationship formed out of pain and suffering. Both these characters deserve better development and depth outside of a problematic and abusive romance. Aside from that, Reylo becoming cannon sets an example to young men and women that no matter how badly someone treats you you can and should still care for and love them. This is not a message I want portrayed to young people, and the fact that there are people who cannot see this baffels me.

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